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Kelan has had a long successful career in Wisconsin. We invite you to send him off to Chicago with your comments and well wishes!

40 thoughts on “Kelan’s Blog

  1. Melissa Smith-Tourville

    Hey Kid,
    We are so proud of you. It has been a honor being by your side through this crazy and amazing journey called childhood. Now get out there and knock ’em dead!

    Big Mom


  2. Dan


    I’m going to miss you being around here as much! Best of luck in college. If there is anyone I believe will have a great life and really enjoy it, it is you. I think your freshmen year will give you all kinds of new perspectives in that process. Actually READ that book I got you. I know you’ll love it!



  3. Hey there, Kelan.
    So you’re actually leaving to pursue this crazy dream most all of this weird group of wonderful people we’re a part of share. So much is changing for you, so much is becoming so different. And that’s a beautiful thing.
    I am beyond proud of you, Kelan Matthew Smith.
    I am privileged and honored to have met you and become friends with you, and I look forward to the day we’re both working on Broadway together.
    Follow your dreams, and your heart – together, they’ll make you the most foolproof map you’ll ever need.
    I love you, man, and keep in touch! I know I’ll still be sending you lame messages about my latest theatre obsession even once you’re in Chicago.
    -Michael Stokes


  4. CE Rudenborg

    Kelan —
    What can I even say that hasn’t been said. Oh whatever, reiteration of love is good for everyone’s soul.
    You have been one of my best friends, and just are a truly fantastic person. You have such a good awareness of yourself, and of others, being kind and assessing them fairly, and wishing the best for people.
    Your drive and your passion are inspirational, and you are electric in all that you do. It’s a joy to know you, and to see you grow and change. It will be hard, because change always is, and this coming one is definitely a Big Change. But even if you find yourself breaking, know that it’s all for the cause of growth, and learning more deeply how to exist as yourself, in every given moment. You are never a static thing, embrace that.
    Be bold, be kind, be joyous, and be receptive to change, and to the new people you meet, especially what they can teach you, and how you can help them.

    It’s a great big beautiful world, and you’re in it to live. Go for it. 🙂
    Sincerest congratulations, and affection,


  5. Kelan,

    Wishing you the best, the worst, and the support during your next chapters.

    The best, because I care about you. The worst, because it’s what makes us our best self.
    The support, because we always need someone to share in the emotions of the best and the worst.

    So fly towards the light of your star, yet remember … your greatest gifts lie in your darkest pain.

    With love,



  6. Josh Salt


    I met you a number of years ago and have been so impressed watching you in many different avenues of performance ever since.

    Working with you on ‘Into the Woods’ I saw just what you were capable of up close and personal. And then to have you be part of my recent SAG film confirmed for me just how authentic of an actor and human you are.

    You are a supremely gifted and energized actor. I wish you luck and success in every endeavor and anticipate great things from you.

    -Josh Salt


  7. You’ve got the good stuff, Kelan…determination, confidence, humility and talent. The talent will only get you so far. Dig deep like you always do and you’ll go far. All the best from a former Our Town mama, Into the Woods director and Deb’s House caterer. Be well and keep in touch! Ann


  8. Robin Shay

    Dear Kelan,
    Just think–I’ll forever be your mother-in-law in a textbook (or at least until a new edition comes out!) Its been fun performing with you and working on shows with you over the past few years. All the best to you as you fly the coop and pursue your dreams!
    Robin Shay


  9. Marion Lang

    Off you go, with great good roots in this theater community, and now taking a giant step into the big ol’ cosmos. We’ve enjoyed your talent and passion and every kindness you shared with family, friends and co-creatives. Wiishing you every wonderful success and the amazement of dreams unfolding.


  10. Katie Talberg

    I can’t believe that you are leaving so soon!! I am so excited to watch all your adventures in Chicago. You’re going to be AMAZING!!
    Thank you so much for the friendship you have given me over the last few years. I know I can always come to you for a laugh, advice, or some encouraging words, and that means a lot to me.
    I’ll miss ya Keely Weely!


  11. Jevin Stangel

    Hey Kelan,
    I’m so happy for you! I may not have known you all that long but from the moment I met you, you have shown me nothing but kindness. You have taught me so much and I am so great full for that! I wish you the best of luck in Chicago and I know you’ll do amazing! I’m gonna truly miss you!


  12. Mariah Geiger

    Kelan- you are the coolest! I would wish you luck, but you have something better than that: true talent and heart. I just know that you are going to have a wonderful journey. Sending all my love and support! Christian and I will drive down to visit you- Chicago is only two hours away from Madison!


  13. Chris K.


    Knock ’em dead in Chicago! It has been a blast seeing you on stage. Just remember your humble beginnings and visit us once in a while. Maybe a guest appearance to raise funds when you’re famous, or something.




  14. Amanda Reid


    I haven’t known you very long but in the little time I have it has been SO apparent that you’re amazingly talented, have a beautiful heart, and a great work ethic. You are funny and smart and have everything going for you! I know you’re going to do amazing things.

    Break a leg 🙂



  15. "Uncle Scotty" McRoberts

    Kelan, You are an amazing talent that I am positive will go far. I have enjoyed watching you grow into the fine young man you are. You are a large part of the reason I have actually gotten some culture the last 4-5 years, going way back to Shakespeare years ago at the learning center. Keep chasing your dream! Uncle Scotty


  16. Christian Smith

    Every single person has faith that you will continue to have a prolific theatrical career. There is no doubt. One cannot doubt after watching you cry, pirouette, belt, strum, or block in the theater. We are so excited to see you flourish.



  17. James Lindgren

    You have always made it easy to envision the success in your future. Talent + passion + dedication + hard work = professional.
    You are a professional.


  18. Rebekah S Palmer

    Hey Kelan!

    I remember the first time I met you. You were with your brother, Christian, auditioning for A Midsummer Night’s Dream and I thought to myself, “Wow. Such a young kid who can speak Shakespearean”. Then I found you were playing dual roles in two separate Midsummer productions that year! How you kept your bit actor part in the Park and Puck in the Family Center production straight, I will never know.

    I believe the role I enjoyed you most in was a role I know longer saw “Kelan” but the character. It was when you performed the life story of Eva Schloss,Holocaust survivor, along with Grace SImpson. The awareness that stage play brought to Menomonie is forever an impression on my heart.

    Good luck to you in your endeavors in Chicago! In spite of a bright future you hold, learn and grow and love and believe along the way, and treasure the journey more than the spotlight. Audiences and fans will come and go, but you will live with yourself behind the darkened theater house curtain forever.

    So glad to know you,

    Rebekah Palmer


  19. Rebecca Buehler


    I was just cruising through thoughts, memories and LATE night conversations we have had, and THEN! This song COMPLETELY barged in and took over! WARNING: Things are about to get a little funky and weird…

    Basically, this is how my heart feels when I think about you! (In an entirely non-romantic, deeply respectful way). You simply ARE one of a kind. And there are many things about you that I can’t describe! I cannot even begin to fathom how high you will soar. What you offer this world is truly a gift. It is an honor to know you.

    I wish you the very best Kelan.



  20. Jeffery Pruett

    Hi Kelan, the best story I know about you that always fascinated me is back when you were little and you were in “Annie Get Your Gun”. I had to miss one night of the run–and it was the night you went on as Buffalo Bill. I guess that’s one of those legendary nights in the theater–when 13-year old (?) Kelan went on for an ailing 70-year old actor. AND by all accounts, nailed it! What I most remember is the way you said one of your–maybe 3 lines in the script. It was the word “South Dakota”…I was like, “who says South Dakota so perfectly? and why?” but then I realized you were in character. Whoosh! right over my head! i have a better story about you from that show but I don’t want to type it all out. It has to be told to you personally and preferably with some of your loved ones around..:) You know I wish only the best for you and I know you’re going to be a raging success! ~Mark P.


  21. Becky Santine

    Kelan! I am so impressed by your dedication to your craft, and how your performances are so consistently fantastic! It was a pleasure to work with you in “1776” and especially in “Into the Woods,” and I am so genuinely excited for your future! Your passion for performing is a joy to behold. I wish you all the best in Chicago and beyond.


  22. Kobi Shaw


    Talent. Of course, you’ve got talent. But your drive, your dedication, your work ethic, and your passion will carry you above and beyond. The total commitment you put into whatever you do is admirable and evident. I cannot wait to see where this new journey brings you.

    Congrats and best wishes as you go into the woods,



  23. Mike Cook

    The learning process is about to continue on a higher level. Be open to new ideas and challenges (I know you will–it’s part of your, to use the theatrical term, “makeup.”) The people you meet along the way will help you shape and hone your natural talents in ways you can never imagine. Let them…but at the same time, remain true to yourself. It’s been a joy to work with you, and that’s an understatement. Perhaps it will happen again someday. I sincerely hope so. Until then, my final advice is this: “Don’t screw up!”


  24. Nicole

    Kelan, Kelan, Kelan,

    I still can’t believe that you are going off to college already. It feels just like yesterday that I was changing your diapers. But, you’re a man now and a man that I am SO proud of. I am proud of your accomplishments. And I know that you’re going places. Go and make your mark on the world. I love you!


  25. Man, what can I say? Ever since our paths crossed in Aladdin, I knew we’d be great friends on and off the stage. Although I am disappointed we never got that Funk band started up, I’m sure we’ll get something groovy going in the near future! On that same note, I am totally confident in us seeing each other again soon and often! Best of luck with all of your endeavors in theatre and otherwise! I’m sure you’ll do spectacular things!
    – Frank and Ada


  26. Joshua Smith

    Hey Kelan.
    It has been so cool being your big brother thus far, and I am so proud of you. It has only become apparent within the last couple of months how much I’m going to miss you. I guess I know how much I really love you, now, haha! All seriousness mixed with joking put aside; I love you, you will go far, and you make my heart happy just looking at you. I know I’ve said it, but if you ever need some kind of help, be sure to ask me and I’ll see if I am able to help. I’m a pretty handy guy, but I’m also mouthy! Good luck bro.




  27. Erin (Mango)

    Kelan, It has been an honor and a pleasure to know you these years (has it been a decade?). May you find light and laughter in all that you do (does anyone doubt that you will?). You have been an inspiration to many and are in the hearts of all

    Much love to you!


  28. T.J.

    Remember the day we first met? We were both 7. That was 11 years ago, dude. 11! Holy hell I remember those days like they were yesterday. Making forts and sleeping in the living room. Listening to Greenday. Making french fries. Playing Adventure Quest and Runescape. Back then I was convinced 18 year olds were all mighty adults with all the wisdom in the world and that being 18 seemed like lightyears away, and yet here we are. Eight fucking teen. You’re going to college, man. Fucking college. I think that about sums everything up right there. “Fucking college.” I hope this new chapter of your life brings many pleasant memories and experiences. May you never forget where you came from, and always look forward to where you’re going.


  29. Rachel Kelm


    It was a great honor getting to know you and work with you on Into the Woods, and again on Barefoot in the Park. Your talent is immense, and you bring such passion and dedication to everything you do. I wish you the best as you continue on this next adventure.


  30. Maya Frett


    Honestly I don’t know what to say. You have been a great friend and teacher and I know that I am going to miss you. You have taught me many things from the best way to audition for a play to how to play football and much much more. You have inspired me to become a better actress and do more plays then I would have on my own. You are my acting role model and I hope to share the stage with you some day. Good luck in college and I will see you on Broadway!



  31. Kelan,

    From the moment I met you during West Side Story, I knew you were something special. I had no idea how much a part of my life you’d be over the next year. As we got to be friends during the months long process of Phantom Lake, I was constantly blown away by your dedication to the craft.

    You’re gonna do great things, and I look forward to taking in one of your Broadway shows in the future when I’m touring in NYC.


    (You’ll be able to hook me up with tickets, yeah? That’s something you’ll be able to do?)


  32. Emmett Frett


    Hi, I hope you have a great time in college!!! When you finish I will almost be eighteen!! I had a great time playing all those football games with you! Remember the game at the end of the football class where we beat you guys with like 15 seconds left!!! Although we did imply that shifty move where you guys weren’t ready and we ran for the touchdown:). We should do a pickup game one of the times you visit. When you become a renowned actor and directer you can make a play about FLC!!! That would be really cool!!!



  33. Kevin Smith

    I am so proud of you!Not just as a multi -talented artist,but as a genuinely great person!I know you are dedicated to your goals and life path.I will always support and believe in you!Love,dad


  34. Hannah Jones

    My Kelan,

    What can I say that you don’t already know? You are so unbelievably talented, kind, intelligent, sweet, comforting, and so many more adjectives I don’t have time to mention! I am so confident that you will make it big in any field you choose to pursue, even though we all know exactly what that will be! You are truly the salt of the earth; you make people feel wanted and needed, and I can’t explain how much you mean to me. I could go on for ages about how amazing and talented you are, but long story short, I truly think that you are the best Malph, Diamond in the Rough, Jay of New York, Charlie the Mailman, hello, Chino, Gabe Goodman, and George the boys out I could ask for.

    Your Hannah


  35. Melissa Kaspar-Frett


    Congratulations on your next adventure! May you enjoy every step, every stumble as you follow your hopes and your dreams! Know that you are loved, supported and believed in.

    Much Love and Big Hugs


  36. Susan Weston

    My first memories of you are as the neighbor boy with the top hat and a lot of musical talent. What fun it was to discover that you had a knack for acting, too! Lucky me! It was a joy to work with you at various stages as you continued to grow as an actor, and I look forward to watching you as you continue that journey in college and beyond.
    All the best,


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